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Priority things to know
before your arrival in Chisinau

Republic of Moldova uses the standard 220V supply voltage and 50Hz.

The type C and type F of plugs are popular in Moldova.

Spring weather is usually nice and sunny, with the average temperature of 19ºC. Closer to summer, the days become hotter and drier. The evenings are cool and refreshing – bring a warm spring jacket with you, so that you have a lovely time during the Moldovan afternoons.

Moldova is known to have one of the fastest and the cheapest internet in Europe. It is well covered by the 3G and 4G networks. Please check which of the local carriers have roaming agreements with your current provider. Many cafes and restaurants have free Wifi.


The Republic of Moldova recognizes the Moldovan Leu (MDL) as its official currency.

Foreign currencies may be exchanged at banks or at exchange offices (casa de schimb or birou de schimb valutar). There is an abundance of exchange offices across the city. Many banks offer the same services, but please note that all of them work until 5 pm or 6 pm. You can check the approximate amount of MDL you will receive when exchanging your currency on the website

Chisinau Airport & Taxi

Chisinau International Airport is located 13 km away from the centre of Chisinau city.

You can easily get from the Airport to the city centre or vice versa by taxi or public transport.


It takes about 25 minutes by taxi to go the 13 kilometers from Chisinau International Airport to the center of Chisinau. The cost is about 100 lei, or $5-8$.

Visitors are advised to accept rides from only marked taxis. There is no standard taxi color, so look for taxis clearly marked as such and bearing their company’s telephone number – a five-digit number beginning with 14, You can also use one of the taxi services: 14000, 14111, 14222, 14333, 14999, 14441, 14442, 14447, or 14448.

You can summon a taxi with the mobile apps: itaxi (iOS, Android), Yandex Taxi (iOS, Android)

Means of public transport:

Trolleybus No.30

str. 31 August 1989 – Chisinau International Airport

From the Airport:

Chisinau International Airport – blv. Dacia – viaduct – ave. Ciuflea – blv. Ştefan cel Mare şi Sfant – ave. Mitropolit G. Banulescu-Bodoni – ave. 31 august 1989

From the city centre:

ave. 31 August 1989 – ave. A. Puskin – blv. Stefan cel mare şi Sfant – ave. Ciuflea –viaduct – blv. Dacia – Chisinau International Airport.


06.00 - 22.59



Minibus taxi No 165

Ismail Rd. – Airoport

From the city centre:

Ismail Rd. - Dimitrie Cantemir Ave. - Iu. Gagarin Ave., Decebal Ave. -Trandafirilor Rd. - Dacia Ave. - Chisinau International Airport;

From the Airport:

Chisinau International Airport - Dacia Ave. -Trandafirilor Rd. - Decebal Ave. - Iu. Gagarin Ave. - C. Negruzzi Ave. - Ştefan cel Mare şi Sfînt Ave. - Ismail Rd.


05.45 - 22.00 (from Airport)


Every 10 minutes



Health Insurance & Visa

Traveling health insurance is on your own responsibility. Please note that it is mandatory to have one when applying for a Visa in Republic of Moldova.

Visitors with valid passports from most European countries, United States, Canada, Cyprus, Israel, Georgia, and CIS member states do not need visas to enter the Republic of Moldova for a stay of up to 90 days within a six-month period from the moment of the first entry. Please check visa regime for citizens of other states on the official website of the Moldovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova.

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